Thali & Pickles


I often spend my Sunday’s watching Indian Soaps and admiring the unique ‘thali’ way of eating. The idea that you get to try 7 dishes all during one sitting sounds incredible for a foodie like myself. So when I drove past Thali & Pickles in Balham I just had to give it a try.



With its rustic interior, stripped timbre cladding and an array of hand painted bollywood film posters, it has a very cool and modern feel to the place. Thali & Pickles is known for its Thalis and Indian street food so I was delighted to see some of my favourites on the menu so naturally had to order lamb samosas and the mouth watering pani puri. The pani puri was refreshing and a mix of sour and tangy, I loved the fact we could add our own tamarind water as it just added to the messy fun.


In theory a thali is a serving for one person in which you get: rice, naan, one main curry, veg curry, pickle, daal, raita and a dessert. Sounds like a lot but the portions are small so enough for your tummy. Thali & Pickles doesn’t just serve thalis but also biryani, regular portioned currys and tandoori dishes. The food is South Indian in flavour so is low on spicy in comparison to your regular Indian so the flavours are more creamy.


Whilst at Thali & Pickles you must try their mango lassi, even in the middle of winter it was creamy and sweet with an under tone of mango sourness. Delicious.



The waiters are lovely and ready to serve, exactly what you need on a Thursday night after work. We will defo come back for seconds at Thali & Pickles.

Thali & Pickles
5-6 Balham Station Road, Balham, SW12 9SG


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