Sticky Wings

We have searched for American style buffalo wings far and wide and have been disappointed at every junction. When we first heard about Sticky Wings in Brick Lane we thought it would be another lame attempt at that iconic buffalo sauce (tangy, sweet and spicy, the memory brings a tear), I mean even TGI Friday can’t make it correctly. IMG_3172 My, my, were we pleasantly surprised by this visit. We were greeted by the happy owner of Sticky Wings who was amazing at both banter and describing his chicken wing vision. We were taken aback by the simplicity of the menu which offers you four choices of sauce and the two size option which was the British size and American size. The chicken wings are the closest to American Style buffalo wings we have encountered so far and the taste and texture are something that is making me salivate as I write. The chicken wing is saucy, the skin is crunchy and the meat is juicy and tender. Perfection. The cooling cheesy sauce is creamy and not too over powering. IMG_2308 The owner was very accommodating to our curious palette and allowed us to try every flavour for the price of one. You could see and feel how proud he was of his establishment and it was reflected in the quality of the chicken wings that were served at Sticky Wings. You could never meet a nicer guy. The interior is almost like a replica of Hooters or a more streamlined version of TGI Fridays with the cladding on the walls and the suspended ornaments. IMG_3171 Who would know that a place like Sticky Wings could exist in the hustle and bustle of Brick Lane. Definitely not a sexy dine as you will be licking and sucking those fingers to ensure that none of that flavoursome sauce goes to waste. Worth another visit and we have already been twice whilst writing this review. Clearly for indulgence with the excuse of research. Star rating: **** Sticky Wings 40 Brick Lane, London E1 6RF


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