Healthy Eating Special: Pure

It’s funny to say this as an owner of a food blog but – I am very conscious about what I eat.
Although it hasn’t always been like this, I have managed to successfully work healthy eating into my busy lifestyle.

Most of the reviews you see here are when me and my partner in crime get together, which is usually on weekends and holidays, and these of course count as ‘cheat days’. During the working week you won’t find me tucking into pasta and burgers.

Ever since I have become conscious of what I consume, i have realized that for people on the go there are really not that many places where you can get your healthy fix.

Everything that’s branded ‘healthy’ just because it has a spinach leaf sticking out of it, is usually overloaded with sugar. And if you want to avoid eating diary or carbs then forget about it , your options for lunch would be limited to a tomato soup, come-on that’s hardy appetizing!


Finding a good place to grab lunch was probably the hardest bit about switching to healthier lifestyle! That’s until we moved offices and I found myself next to branch of PURE.

Everything inside looks fresh, nutritious and yummy. You can see the kitchen behind the counter so you know its been prepared right there and then.

First time I came in for a quick breakfast. Had scrambled eggs with spinach, sweet peppers, chili and feta cheese. Under 300 calories, not bad for a delicious breakfast full of protein!


I was hooked and came back for lunch the same day.
Ordered one of their best, in my opinion, salads ‘Pure Protein’. It’s very low fat, gluten free and packed full of goodness! If you don’t believe me here is the full list of the ingredients:
Turkey breast, quinoa bean mix, beetroot, avocado, sweet peppers, dried cranberries and omega seeds on mixed leaf and baby leaf spinach.
+With optional Fat-free Kale dressing.

Now this was a good sized portion for £6.29, it felt like i was eating it forever. Dried cranberries gave it a nice sweet kick and I loved the crunchiness of omega seeds. Although it was a salad by name, it kept me full until dinner.


Aside from wonderful salads, Pure also serve hot food like curries and soups, as well as snack pots with salmon and quinoa. The also have a coffee and juice bar, so it’s officially one stop shop for all your needs.

I couldn’t be happier to find this gem next to my office!
If you see Pure around town, please do give them a try!



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