Zurich: Uto Kulm Restaurant

It was a very hot day in late July and I have just spent an hour and half trekking up Uetliberg mountain in flip flops. This was not by choice, as I unfortunately got off the wrong train stop and without google maps found myself in deep forest looking for a way out. To my delight I finally saw people and came to this stunning view of Zurich. Quite a reward for pain endured getting there!


Looking for a place to rest I came across Uto Kulm restaurant with the most magnificent terrace overlooking Zurich, the Alps and the lake. Serving the best of the seasonal food, I ordered the perfect starter to cool off with – cucumber soup. Served cold and zesty, this is the perfect refreshment. It was so delicious I wiped the plate clean, swiftly moving onto beef carpaccio on toast. Amazing topping for toast, don’t you think?


And mozzarella salad with mushroom soup in a shot glass. As a self confessed mushroom lover this really tickled my fancy. And look at the presentation, food was fighting for spot in the limelight with the scenery!IMG_1190

For main course I opted for grilled sea bream, which was perfectly cooked and garnished by steamed veg and spinach. Really simple dish, well seasoned. I felt that portions were very well sized, you could see that the chef had thought about nutrition as well as looks, serving each food group in it’s appropriate portion size.


At the end of my stunning meal at Uto Kult restaurant, I climbed the viewing tower, for even more breathtaking views of Zurich.


IMG_1203All and all this restaurant definitely has the wow factor and its not because it’s on top of the mountain. Food was top notch, atmosphere – lovely. I am definitely going to come back should I be in Zurich again!

Star rating: *****

Uto Kulm
8143 Uetliberg/Zürich




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