In 2015 it can’t get trendier than Jerusalem cuisine. Jerusalem? you ask… Yes, is not Israel cuisine but a modern day Jerusalem. As Palomar’s website states their menu has been inspired by southern Spain, North Africa and Levan.

The layout of Palomar is rather fun with all the seating available running along the bar, depending which end you find yourself, you could either be looking at skillful chefs preparing your dishes or you would be doing shots with the barman. In any case these barstools are not for the long-legged or big- -elbowed.

Background music for the night was spectacular. It took me back to my parents house with all the classics like Madonna, Survivor and Bonnie Tyler. Kanye West was randomly shuffled into the mix, which made all the chef’s hats bobble to the beat.

It would be unfair for me to write a comprehensive review of this restaurant as turns out I am not a big fan of Jerusalem cuisine. As I was eating my way through a million dishes we ordered (waiter recommended 3 plates per person) I recognised elements of Lebanon such as the bread, the hummus and thinly shaven meats, which I enjoyed. But you see my boring European palate is used to these flavours. Then I would come across chunky pine nuts, which I don’t enjoy as much, and trust me they were everywhere!  All the colours and textures were a little overwhelming, so I let my dinner partner devour most of the dishes by himself.

Selection of cold starters were a little too odd for my taste and the bread wasn’t amazing as I expect from Middle eastern establishment. However that was the day that I found out that there are oysters in Morocco and they were great! Served with a little coriander, lemon zest and arisa oil they were scrumptious and paired rather well with my glass of sherry!

My favorite dish was octo-hummus which is made of generous sized octopus “steak” chickpea msabacha & cherry tomato confit.

Nevertheless all dishes were extremely pretty to look at and service was fantastic. Our waiter was looking after us as if we were his family.

I wish really badly that I enjoyed the food as much as my dinner partner. But oh well, you gotta try everything once!


34 Rupert Street, London W1D 6DN


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