Every time we visit this delight we find it really hard to spend over £50 regardless of how many people you take with you. If Elena and I just go as a twosome we have never spent over £22 and we leave with a full stomach, hands full of a bag with left over and full smile on our faces as drift off into foodcoma. Yayla’s value for money has to be highlighted straight away.

As soon as you are seated you are over whelmed with the complimentary bread (delicious, soft and fresh), salad seasoned with that special Turkish dressing and sumac seasoning and various dips. Yayla know how to make their customers feel welcome. However, you must remember to control yourselves as you often fun yourself full before you have even ordered.

The meat here so tender and well seasoned so it’s our place to go when we are craving meat. You can order meat platters for £43 which can feed up to 10 people and trust me I have tried it with 10 people have still had to take left overs home.


Our favourite dish at Yayla is the Yoghurt Adana. It comes in a casserole dish and each layer of this dish is a little taste of heaven. At the bottom you have a layer of bread cubes which have been soaked from the juice from the meat and the tomato sauce. The next layer is a later of lamb shish with a special tomato sauce and roasted chillies and the last layer is a healthy serving of fresh yoghurt. My mouth is watering as I write this. The flavours are insain. You have a mixture of tangy, meaty, spicy and creamy depending which layer you have attacked.

The pides are beautiful and Yayla are so accommodating that they will adapt the dish to however you want to create your own Turkish pizza at no extra cost.

yayla-fork-and-talk-review-green-lanes-2The hospitality does not stop their. Once you finish they will serve you an amazing aromatic Turkish tea which helps digest the mountain you have just eaten. This is served with a Turkish sweet which changes from day to day and again this is all complimentary.

I have been going since I was a teenager and have taken Elena there for the duration of our friendship. It is a place we know we can trust and a place we know we will be cared for. Yayla is the gem of Green Lane without being too fancy in comparison to the other Turkish rivals on the street. Here’s to more joyous memories at Yayla for years to come.

Star Rating: *****

429 Green Lanes, London N4 1HA
Phone:020 8348 9515


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