Rosa’s Thai Cafe

We have been wanting to try Rosa’s for years and we finally found no excuse when one opened up on our door step on Upper street.

The overall look of Rosa’s is very modern and you would never associate it with thai food and even when you look at the menu it is a question mark. Rosa’s menu is so exciting to look at as it isn’t your average thai. It’s full of fusion dishes such as: spaghetti green curry and stir fried prawns with pad thai sauce (what we had :). So all the combinations we think about, well Rosa actually does them.


Our friend Mark joined us for this event and we were sceptical about what he would be able to eat as he is currently on this wheat and sugar free diet but Rosa catered for that wonderfully.

To start with we have chicken satay and summer rolls. Now satay is Elena’s most hated thing as she thinks they have zero flavour however, her opinion of satay at Rosa’s has made her love them. I have to admit these were well seasoned with an array of spices and cook wonderfully. The summer rolls were lovely and full of fresh ingredients. I appreciated that extra bit of coriander in them which made them even more moorish.


The barman was lovely, as we weren’t really feeling the drinks on the menu we just told him what flavours we like and away he went to create up delicious personalised drinks. Thumbs up.


Our mains smelled amazing and looked so sweet on the tinned plates. The portion sizes were a lot smaller than we were expecting when you looked at what you were paying for each dish.


The pad thai infused stir fry was lovely with huge juicy prawns. Elena’s spaghetti just messed with your head as it looked Italian yet tasted like a subtle Thai dish. Mark had a minute seared tuna steak which he loved, his only development point was that it should have been a 30 sec searing, but he is difficult like that.


Rosa’s is a quick eat and go kind of dine which puts it perfectly into our ‘snacks in between shopping category’.

Rosa’s Thai Cafe
6 Theberton Street, London N1 0QX



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