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Healthy Eating Special: Lunch BXD

I have already been on a rant about how hard it is to maintain a healthy diet while working in the city, you read read all about it here. So moving onto the next installment of ‘Healthy Eating Special’ I’d like to introduce you guys to Lunch BXD.

I came across this company as I was sitting at my desk, searching for food delivery service that can provide something different to your usual burrito or a pizza. I wanted something tasty, fresh and healthy, delivered to my office, was that too much to ask for?

Turns out not!
London BXD does exactly that.


Freshly prepared lunch delivery company was started by two girls that met in a culinary school. They used to make lunches and bike them across London themselves, but now with kitchen in Waterloo, where they employ a number of skilled chefs to put together innovative lunch boxes.

Whether it’s butternut squash in satay sauce with noodles or smoked salmon with spelt risotto – it’s guaranteed to be at your desk by 1pm. (as long as you place your order by 10am that day)

And it really is that easy. Delicious and nutritious!

My colleagues and me agree that ‘Take away’ is no longer a dirty word.



Pub Grub: The Castle


Just another gastro pub in Islington, you thinking?! Yeah, I suppose, but it’s a good one.


Decor is trendy – a mixture of break out areas with cushions to lounge on and wooden tables for a more formal affair. No pub is of course complete without a TV, and you will see crowds gather in The Castle when football match is on. In summer they open a neat roof terrace, which might not give you an amazing view but certainly a welcome place to catch sun rays.

I like The Castle on a Sunday – relaxing and cosy. Great spot for a relaxed lunch with friends where you don’t feel rushed to leave your table.


I ordered gorgeous butternut squash with rocket and sweetcorn. Nicely seasoned, cooked to perfection with soft middle and slightly firm sides. When asked waiter for a cheeky topping of goats cheese she brought me the chunkiest slab of cheese, without charging me extra, which of course I really appreciated.


My partner in crime had a fish pie which was slightly on the salty side but good solid dish never the less.

I’m not a big drinker, so when I go to a pub I don’t have much of an opinion on their beers. One thing I always judge a bar on is how well they make their Bloody Mary. I prefer the original recipe with horseradish, lemon juice and all the trimmings. And this is exactly how they make them at The Castle! Good stuff.


If you fancy a straight forward no-fuss Sunday lunch then head to The Castle. It’s right around the corner from me so I am happy to have it down as my ‘local’.

The Castle
54 Pentonville Road, London, Islington N1 9HF

Healthy Eating Special: Pure

It’s funny to say this as an owner of a food blog but – I am very conscious about what I eat.
Although it hasn’t always been like this, I have managed to successfully work healthy eating into my busy lifestyle.

Most of the reviews you see here are when me and my partner in crime get together, which is usually on weekends and holidays, and these of course count as ‘cheat days’. During the working week you won’t find me tucking into pasta and burgers.

Ever since I have become conscious of what I consume, i have realized that for people on the go there are really not that many places where you can get your healthy fix.

Everything that’s branded ‘healthy’ just because it has a spinach leaf sticking out of it, is usually overloaded with sugar. And if you want to avoid eating diary or carbs then forget about it , your options for lunch would be limited to a tomato soup, come-on that’s hardy appetizing!


Finding a good place to grab lunch was probably the hardest bit about switching to healthier lifestyle! That’s until we moved offices and I found myself next to branch of PURE.

Everything inside looks fresh, nutritious and yummy. You can see the kitchen behind the counter so you know its been prepared right there and then.

First time I came in for a quick breakfast. Had scrambled eggs with spinach, sweet peppers, chili and feta cheese. Under 300 calories, not bad for a delicious breakfast full of protein!


I was hooked and came back for lunch the same day.
Ordered one of their best, in my opinion, salads ‘Pure Protein’. It’s very low fat, gluten free and packed full of goodness! If you don’t believe me here is the full list of the ingredients:
Turkey breast, quinoa bean mix, beetroot, avocado, sweet peppers, dried cranberries and omega seeds on mixed leaf and baby leaf spinach.
+With optional Fat-free Kale dressing.

Now this was a good sized portion for £6.29, it felt like i was eating it forever. Dried cranberries gave it a nice sweet kick and I loved the crunchiness of omega seeds. Although it was a salad by name, it kept me full until dinner.


Aside from wonderful salads, Pure also serve hot food like curries and soups, as well as snack pots with salmon and quinoa. The also have a coffee and juice bar, so it’s officially one stop shop for all your needs.

I couldn’t be happier to find this gem next to my office!
If you see Pure around town, please do give them a try!




Friday lunchtime is for most working people a relaxing event when you have the opportunity to catch up with colleagues and wind down from a long week….unfortunately not when you work for the largest newspaper in the world. No, no, I had to scavenger the area of 1 mile around the office that would be special enough to give you that Friday feeling but efficient enough to be served and done all within 45 mins. And so we headed off to Lazybones on Cowcross Street.


As a sucker for good interior design, I was all over their marquee style menu and hand drawn signage. I liked the spacious layout that felt cosy but in a light, fresh kind of way. I appreciated the fact that at lunch time it was not overly busy, but can image that in the evening its a fun buzzing place to hang out with friends. Now enough about that and lets get down to the bone….i mean, point.


Tipped off by a friend, we ordered Lazybone’s famous beef brisket. The brioche bun was glazed to perfection. Served with yogurt and guacamole, brisket melted in your mouth. Beef that was cooked for six hours was seeping juice…That was a messy affair, but I loved every bite!


In addition we ordered their ‘also famous’ BBQ wings. Now these babies were way larger than any wings that I’ve ever had. Hickory smoke and chipolte chill recipe was delicious with just enough heat and sweetness without becoming overpowering.


Had initially complained to my lunch partner about the size of the beef brisket, which seemed too small for £7.50, I could only have a half of everything before I got too full.


Did I get my quick and delicious lunch? Yes.

Will I be back? Hell yes.

Star Rating: ****

Unit 5 Cowcross street
London, EC1M 6DQ

United Ramen

From the outside you would be mistaken to think that this is just a new version of wagamama with a few funkie colours and a lack of the uncomfortable seated which wagamama is known for. On closer inspection of the menu you will find a jaw dropping range of fusion dishes inspired by the globe like; British Bulldog Roast Beef Ramen and Yankee Doodle Ramen Noodle. They even have Bombay Spiced Edamame! We ordered the handmade tofu gyoza which was the best gyoza we have had. The gyoza was not steamed or deep fried but steam-fried which gave it crispy coating. The filling was so flavoursome. Tofu can often lack flavour but this was seasoned to perfection.

Elena (better known as the devourer of anything piggie) ordered Chashu Pork Shoyu Ramen which came with crispy bacon on top and I ordered the Spicy Salmon and Kimchi Ramen which had the most succulent slices of grilled salmon on top. We both agree that the broth used in the ramen was nice and thick and popping with the individual flavours. The noodles used were almost al dente (in a good way) and very taste, with ramens the noodle part can often be soggy and tasteless so this was a very good surprise. Another positive which can be seen as a small thing but to people who love bottled water like ourselves, after paying a flat rate of £1 you can get an unlimited supply of still or sparking water. Well it’s the small things that make us happy. We look forward to returning and trying out more delights. Next on the list is the Sweet Potato and Crispy Skin Maki, apparently it was so good that they sold out but it will be in our bellies soon.

Star Rating: ***
United Ramen
105-106 Upper St, London, N1 1QN, United Kingdom