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Healthy Eating Special: Lunch BXD

I have already been on a rant about how hard it is to maintain a healthy diet while working in the city, you read read all about it here. So moving onto the next installment of ‘Healthy Eating Special’ I’d like to introduce you guys to Lunch BXD.

I came across this company as I was sitting at my desk, searching for food delivery service that can provide something different to your usual burrito or a pizza. I wanted something tasty, fresh and healthy, delivered to my office, was that too much to ask for?

Turns out not!
London BXD does exactly that.


Freshly prepared lunch delivery company was started by two girls that met in a culinary school. They used to make lunches and bike them across London themselves, but now with kitchen in Waterloo, where they employ a number of skilled chefs to put together innovative lunch boxes.

Whether it’s butternut squash in satay sauce with noodles or smoked salmon with spelt risotto – it’s guaranteed to be at your desk by 1pm. (as long as you place your order by 10am that day)

And it really is that easy. Delicious and nutritious!

My colleagues and me agree that ‘Take away’ is no longer a dirty word.



Food is a substance used to provide nutrition for the body which is fact but we believe it is much more than that. Something that brings a lot of joy, happiness and something to bond over. Our philosophy is that every meal should be a celebration for the mouth, eyes and ears. A bad meal is almost like wasting precious space in the stomach and a bad use of calories.

Follow our food blog as we search London and England for the best tastes, textures and aromas so you know where the best eats in every town are. We hope you find our reviews helpful and entertaining.

Like true foodies we do think that food also determines a good holiday to a bad holiday so keep tuned for our finds across the globe.

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