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Urban Diner

We love Richmond, it’s so relaxed and has a large platter to offer in terms of cuisine. One evening as we took a stroll along the high street we came across Urban Diner. With it’s black and red decor and halogen lighting, it definitely screams coooooool. We also fancied a milkshake so anything that wasn’t a McDonalds milkshake was a bonus.

We were pleasantly surprised with our find.

We chose to sit outside, a rarity I know. We were served popcorn to nibble on as we scrolled through the menu. Yes, complimentary popcorn, WE LOVE FREE STUFF.

We decided to go for a hardshake with bourbon called Caramel Corn. Absolutely delicious. The shake was so creamy and had enough kick of alcohol to take the edge off a long day. It was like drinking a dessert.

The shake was so filling that we decided to grab a few (million) dishes to nibble on.

We started off with Voodoo Wings or buffalo wings to you and I, I love it when they are saucy and I was content with these, crispy on the out side and tender on the inside with the meat just coming away from the bone without a fuss. The sauce had the sour and tangy buffalo taste but also had a hint of spice with this recipe. I couldn’t stop licking my fingers, the sauce was that good. I was literally wiping the sauce off the tray with anything I could find.

We then tucked into Diner mac and cheese which had a crisp top and the most creamiest béchamel we have tasted. Not overly seasoned but still good. It was a side portion but I could have eaten 5 as a main easily. Obviously, Elena would have then had to have 999 on stand by to unclog my arteries after but it would have been worth it.


We decided to continue with our strange combination of foods and order corn on the cob which I naturally smothered in butter and we also order BBQ Beans. The corn was lovely and sweet and the kernels popped off the cob with minimal effort, how do they do that?
The BBQ Beans were out of intrigue really, never have I seen Elena so excited about baked beans in my life. But I have to admit they were rich and soft in a creamy sauce, not being the biggest beans fan they were pretty nice.

The Urban Diner is a great place to get your fix of American cuisine and upon reflection it is the best American joint Surrey/Richmond has to offer. We will definitely be returning during the warmer months to try more hardshakes and more of that finger licking buffalo sauce. I might just ask for the bottle.

Urban Diner
20 Hill St, Richmond, London TW9 1TN



Friday lunchtime is for most working people a relaxing event when you have the opportunity to catch up with colleagues and wind down from a long week….unfortunately not when you work for the largest newspaper in the world. No, no, I had to scavenger the area of 1 mile around the office that would be special enough to give you that Friday feeling but efficient enough to be served and done all within 45 mins. And so we headed off to Lazybones on Cowcross Street.


As a sucker for good interior design, I was all over their marquee style menu and hand drawn signage. I liked the spacious layout that felt cosy but in a light, fresh kind of way. I appreciated the fact that at lunch time it was not overly busy, but can image that in the evening its a fun buzzing place to hang out with friends. Now enough about that and lets get down to the bone….i mean, point.


Tipped off by a friend, we ordered Lazybone’s famous beef brisket. The brioche bun was glazed to perfection. Served with yogurt and guacamole, brisket melted in your mouth. Beef that was cooked for six hours was seeping juice…That was a messy affair, but I loved every bite!


In addition we ordered their ‘also famous’ BBQ wings. Now these babies were way larger than any wings that I’ve ever had. Hickory smoke and chipolte chill recipe was delicious with just enough heat and sweetness without becoming overpowering.


Had initially complained to my lunch partner about the size of the beef brisket, which seemed too small for £7.50, I could only have a half of everything before I got too full.


Did I get my quick and delicious lunch? Yes.

Will I be back? Hell yes.

Star Rating: ****

Unit 5 Cowcross street
London, EC1M 6DQ