What’s good: Camden Passage

Although Camden Passage only stretches less than 0.2 mile it is probably the highest concentration of restaurants, cafes and coffee houses per square meter I’ve seen. With it’s selection of cuisines on offer, it’s definitely rival to the famous Upper street around the corner.

Having lived in Angel for 6 years I have watched a ton of places open and shut it’s doors over time. It almost seems Camden Passage changes it’s look with every season. So it is very likely that by the time this post goes live there might be a few that have already closed down. Never the less here is a list of my Camden Passage favorites. Enjoy!

An absolutely lovely Viennese food stop. Decor is a perfect example of Scandinavian simplicity and their service is efficient and on point. Here you will find full breadth of Austrian food from the Weiner schnitzel to pierogi with sauerkraut. My favorites are hot sausages that come with mustard, horseradish and rye bread. This place is definitely after my heart!



20 Camden Passage, London N1 8ED



Eclectic dining room with menu serving hot dishes, snack boards and sandwiches. Everything we’ve tried was delicious but personally I would focus on the fish. I’ve had an absolutely divine roast halibut with trimmings. Don’t shy away from having a cocktail with your meal, having started as a bar they certainly know how to do their drinks!
37-39 Camden Passage, London N1 8EA


IMG_1318Coffee and cake shop that serves best ethically sourced, artisan produce from across London and beyond. I often come here, order my flat white and sit at one of the tables at the back for some peaceful  blogging time.


Don’t miss Appestat’s brownies…so naughty but so good!


Also their chalk board quotes as a guaranteed Instagram classic…like this one: ‘I can’t espresso how much you bean to me’


This is definitely my go-to place if I fancy an ‘out of this world’ salad.

‘But it’s a chain’?!’ you might say (as if is a dirty word). Yep, they are, and with a handful of ingredients to choose from they have perfected their salad combinations to tick all of the yummy boxes.


So as usual i’ll have roast chicken salad with black beans, mild salsa, sour cream and extra guacamole please!


Camden Passage wouldn’t be Camden Passage without the endless queue to the Breakfast Club. Whether it’ is indeed breakfast time or it’s 8pm at night, you will always see a few people hovering outside waiting for their turn.


I have been here a few times and honestly haven’t quite found an explanation for their popularity. But if you are in the area and want to try the famous Breakfast Club, I would recommend their hot wings. Finger licking good!



If you find yourself walking the length of Camden Passage and all restaurants are fully booked, then carry on a few minutes down the road until you reach Food Lab.


I have reviewed it when we first started our blog as a great place to grab healthy breakfast. But I want to point your attention to their meat and cheese platters. Just look at this fine example of food porn!



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