Jamie’s Italian


Yum, yum, yum are the words that spring to mind when we think of Jamie’s Italian in Kingston. From the starters to the drinks to the main courses, every ingredient is sourced from the finest producer and for very little cost. We have been to a number of Jamie’s Italians and the quality and service is pretty much the same. The average spend here for two with two starters, mains and drinks works out at £25 per head.


The decor is trendy yet very comfortable. A disorganised mess just like the owner. The clientele is very eclectic. Jamie’s Italian is a place for everyone, large groups, intimate dates, family occasions, the young, the old, the posh, the trendy, well hopefully you get my drift.


Now to our favourites at Jamie’s Italian. First thing, eat the bread, I will leave it at that about the bread, tell us what you think. Elena and I can not ever go without the super sized juicy and fresh olives on ice. They are BIG with lots of flesh and probably the best olives I have ever tasted. They have not been marinated or stuff in brine but are the freshest olives we have ever tasted. Enough about the olives.


My favourite main is the famous prawn linguine. It comes piled high with fresh rocket which gives it that fresh crunch and the peppery taste of the rocket which sings well with the hint of chilli in the pasta sauce. The whole dish is popping with flavour, pepper from the rocket, meaty from the prawns, sweetness of the tomatoes and the hint of chilli which I can only imagine is from the fresh chillis in the sauce.


Elena is your meat girl so naturally when she sees the word ragu and sausage meat it’s like a siren has gone off and there is no need for her to contemplate any other dish. It’s a simple meaty pasta dish with no frills. The pasta hasn’t been drenched in sauce and there is a high concentration of spicy sausage meat in the dish. It’s what we class as ‘hug’ food.


Going to Jamie’s Italian is like going to a celebration of food. There are platters of everything you can imagine with the idea that the whole table tucks into the platter, a concept I love coming from an Asian up bringing where everything is about sharing your love of food.

Jamie’s Italian has a fabulous bar area which is only available in some outlets, we can defiantly recommend trying the bar in London Bridge and Angel. Very lively with some excellent mixologists.

You really wouldn’t know that Jamie Oliver isn’t Italian when trying these dishes. We will defiantly be going again and again. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Star Rating: *****

Jamie’s Italian


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