Sasa Sushi

I get rather emotional as a write this piece for Sasa Sushi. Here we have an honest and modest sushi restaurant on the edge of angel. Somewhere that can easily be overlooked yet if you have been there once then you be amongst the heard of people waiting to get a table most nights.

Whenever you go to a sushi place you face two predicaments. One, that if you notice the prices are rather low on the menu you can expect rice that is al dente or fish flesh with a bite to it and the presentation will generally be poor. Two, you pay a lot of money to guarantee the perfection. With Sasa Sushi there is none of this, the prices are low and the sushi is one of the best you will have in central London.

Sasa Sushi use the finest cuts of fish which just melt in your mouth. They have a wide range on their menu to suit all taste buds. Our personal favourites are: rainbow rolls, fantasy rolls and caterpillar rolls, I know the names are unfamiliar and odd but trust us. Sasa Sushi are incredible at combining different flavours for their sushis to create a party in the mouth as it may be. Each time we visit our food is presented in the most spectacular display but it’s never the same so you don’t quite know what to expect.

Along with our sushi we must have the legendary miso soup which I have to admit is just your regular miso with no frills which is a good thing. If you are looking for a starter why not try the Nasu Dengaku, a baked aubergine with a sweet soya bean paste. I shan’t lie, it’s not the best to look at but the soft aubergine and soya bean combo create a lovely sweet/savoury flavour which you just keep wanted to dive into.

This is a very simple dine where you know you shan’t be disappointed. The staff are very friendly, hospitable and very tentative. Elena and I often pop in after work when we want a healthy yet harty dine, hopefully we will see you there soon.

Star Rating: ****

Sasa Sushi
422 St John St, London EC1V 4NJ


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