Real Food Market

Who doesn’t love a good food market? An opportunity to nibble on every type of sausage ever made, taste 100 different cheeses and perhaps even sip on finest home made ciders!

If you are serious about your markets you might even bring a carrier bag and stash away these saucisson for months ahead. Unfortunately I am not those people, even though I often dream about foods I tried for days after. I like to spend my afternoons at food markets, have a laugh with friends, eat as much as I can and go home happy.




I find Southbank’s Real Food Market perfect for that. Just a short walk from Waterloo station is all it takes to find yourself in the middle of fresh farm produce. They have a neat sitting area where you can diminish your findings. Everyone there has great passion for food and fun chatter. It can be a really positive atmosphere and trust me time would fly as you make your way through the stalls.



Going to food markets is a great way to support your local producers. Now I am not saying that everything sold at Sainsburys is crap but here everything you see has been made with love and passion. Cattle fed on grass and veg grown without pesticides…. can’t get much better than that!




Real Food Market is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They have a stream of regular shoppers, it can get a little bit busy but it’s all for good cause.





Real Food Market


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