If you ‘google’ best places to eat around London bridge station, it is guaranteed that Brindisa Tapas would have been close to the top of the list.

I am not 100% sure it was a good idea to review this place after 5 hours of drinking, tipsy munchies do tend to go out of control, but here it goes in any case.

We arrived at the restaurant at 11o’clock, very pleased to find it open and buzzing. The restaurant reminded me of a fast food eatery with the lights a little too bright, loud customer crowd and pumping music.

IMG_0068In true pick and mix style we have ordered a little bit of everything with a few recommendations from our waiter.


Overall the food didn’t wow me, although we have finished every plate. Dishes were not exciting, the flavors were not surprising. Ham was a dry, the egg dish had bits that were a little too uncooked for my taste buds.


Desserts were definitely something that helped this meal out and ended it on a good note. No complaints here!



I am afraid to say that Brindisa might be a bit of a tourist trap. If you are after good tapas in the city, i would definitely recommend Polpo (review to come) over Brindisa. Although its unfair to compare Venetian tapas with Spanish, for a similar price you will be getting tapas with a little more thought behind the taste pairing, more innovative menu and much cooler atmosphere.

Brindisa Tapas
18-20 Southwark Street, London SE1 1TJ


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