Paris: Le Bar à Huîtres

Summer is officially here! Time to put away your hibernation suits and nip outside for some of that goodness they call sunshine. And what’s even better how about catching a quick train Paris? In two hours you will find yourself in the middle of foodie capital.


We went to Paris purely for pleasure. Weather was hot and sun was beaming, after lying on the grass of Place des Vosges for hours and hours we realized that we were mighty hungry. The restaurant we chose to lunch at was on the other side of Paris and required about an hour of leg work.


As we made our way out of the park, we were blasted by chilled wind from the air con. This was the outdoor area of Le Bar à Huîtres and before our eyes lay a mountain of seafood. My friend has a fetish for oysters, so we absolutely had to stop for a snack.


I’m sure you think it’s madness to have seafood on the side of the road, but when you are there, having a chilled glass of white wine while slurping down oysters feels incredible chic. Parisians that walk by do not even bat an eye lid, and for one second you think ‘OMG I am one of them! And not just another tourist falling for a gimmick’.

15 euros got you a small platter and a glass of wine. Very good value in my opinion. Oysters were huge and came with effortless topping of red wine shallots.

After this perfect refreshment we were ready to take on busy streets of Paris.

Le Bar à Huîtres
33 Boulevard Beaumarchais
75003 Paris


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