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Having been to Venice couple of years ago I can now truly appreciate Polpo’s menu. It is described as small Venetian dishes, they take me way back to soggy streets of little town, where fishcomes from the morning market, fresh and bustling with flavour.

All of the Polpo restaurants carry a very trendy, industrial and slightly worn out decor. Their bars, situated in the basement have a fun speakeasy vibe. With an extensive wine, spritz and cocktails menu, it’s not a bad place to go to while you wait for a table.

IMG_1237Service is uber fast, while the restaurant maintains a relaxing atmosphere. It’s balance that is usually impossible to achieve, but Polpo does so with an easy-going flare.

Now to the most important part: the food!

Must have dish is of course the meatballs. Classic beef and pork balls drowned in tomato sauce, they are generously big. Great for sharing or as a main for one.


Polpo’s zucchini is also to die for. Served raw with parmezan and basil, I guarantee you will be hooked. Oh the amount of time I have tried to recreate this salad at home…..


We have also ordered a number of fish dishes like octopus and fennel carpaccio and swordfish tartare. All of which were delicious.



Followed by a lamb neck with white beans and mint.



Of course no girls get together is complete without a bottle of Processco. This time Polpo Processo Brut, which was great with food.


Meal finished off with a little something sweet in a form of sorbet.


This restaurant definitely has something for everyone. A lot of fresh vegetable dishes as well as moorish meatballs and pastas. Polpo is also rather special in a way that it’s vibe and atmosphere can also cater to all occasions. I have celebrated a number of birthdays here, popped in for after-work drinks and catch up with friends. Polpo is also one of my absolute favourite restaurants to bring friends who are visiting London. Can be a bit of a daunting task but Polpo always makes it a hands down success.