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Maedah Grill

01783f51d5eeb0117879875b9f2dc29e32858a6182One of the first Turkish Restaurants in East London and still so popular. On the same street as the famous Tayyabs, Maedah is far more inviting, family friends, value for money and service is far more friendly.

Maedah Grill was the place Elena and I fell in love with the Iskander, a love that took us all the way to Turkey in search of what the home grown dish tastes like. The Iskander is a layered dish with a bread base, tomato sauce, a choice of shawarma (we always go for lamb) and lashings of natural yoghurt. It’s a creamy, tangy and meaty dish. We love how the bread soaks up the juices and really combines all the flavours of the dish together. It’s one of those ‘hug’ dishes which is so comforting to eat if you have had a bad day or week, instant cure.



Top Tip: It is a heavy dish so limit how much bread you have to start with or you will find yourself feeling stuffed quite quickly and you will regret it later.


Unlike your usual Turkish hospitality you won’t be over loaded with complimentary salads, breads and dips but I like to think the food makes up for it and you do get some complimentary Turkish Delights at the end. So you will have to order your own starters.


If you are a fan of dips then a staple order has to be the Maedah Mezze which is a selections of dips from hummus to petlican souslo. Served with warm lava bread it’s a great sharing starter and is excellent value for £5.95


Another dish I would like to recommend is the Adana Kebab which is a chicken garlic kebab wrapped in lava wrap on a bed of yoghurt. The chicken is so tender it just melts in the mouth. The garlic isn’t too over powering but you can definitely taste it.



I do like the service structure at Maedah Grill which makes it all that more comfortable to dine it. They have waiters that take your order and come round with the bill and check up on you and then they have an abundance of table boys that are always available for refill, plate changes and attentiveness. The service of customers is shared yet controlled by the waiter assigned to your table so you never have to wait long when you want anything.

It’s a great place to dine without any fuss. Thursday – Saturday it is advisable to make a bookings to avoid long wait times.

Maedah Grill
42 Fieldgate St, London E1 1ES