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Okay, so it’s our third meal and we haven’t got any closer to eating Chinese food yet. We keep being blinded by all these other kitch restaurants but we will be dining Chinese style for dinner for sure. 

Having spent the afternoon browsing flower and bird markets in Mong Kok, we were too tired to travel back to Central for lunch.  We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try some sushi so we went with the first open restaurant we could find. You know how we love sushi!!!! Also, being a Street Fighter lover I went crazy at the association with Ryo “adooookin!”.

The interior is very traditional with soft lighting and dark wooden cladding everywhere. Seating is a mixture of booths and bar seating which is cosy. Something interesting we found out on our visit was they apparently Hong Kong is full of single female diners and so therefore a lot of the bar seating was actually designed for them. However, don’t be feeling sad for them, these are the Hong Kong power women that have amazing careers and have little time for social hang outs. 

  Sen-Ryo have a bit of an Argos approach to ordering food. You have a catalogue (menu) from which you select dishes from and you simply fill in the sheet and hand it to the waiter and wait for your platters to arrive.   I think we have had some incredible sushi presentation in the past so the presentation was a tad disappointing. Though still nice and appetising.   We had a selection of nice sushi offerings from tuna rolls to jumbo rolls (made with eel here so be careful as eel seems to feature a lot in the sushi of the orient).   A must try is the fried egg which is comes in cubes taste like a sweet omelette.   Another thing to recommend is the tuna sashimi which just melts in the mouth. Actually, saying that all the fish is just stunning and fresh, really makes you question what ‘fresh’ seafood actually is a home. 

  For a meal for 3 it cost a total of 490 Hong Kong dollars meaning about £40 so it was a pretty good spend. 

Anyway, next stop must be some Chinese. I’m feeling Shanghaiese in particular. 


Shop 362, 3/F, Moko, 193 Prince Edward Road West Mong Kok.