Gurkhas Diner

Located between Balham and Tooting, this little gem in easy to miss. I’m not sure how many people can say they have a favourite Nepalese restaurant but this Nepalese restaurant is number one on my list. In fact, I go there on my way from home once a month after a 16 hour working day when I need food that will give me a replacement for a hug and cuddle.

Nepalese cuisine is a fusion of the best of Asia. You have your curry, noodle and bread dishes. Gurkhas Diner is as traditional as they come with humble hospitality. As soon as you enter Gurkhas Diner you will be met by a familiar face (if you become a regular you will know what I mean) who will seat you by pulling your chair out for you, laying your napkin on your lap and lighting a candle for you. The kind face will then bring you some spicy homemade prawn crackers. WE LOVE COMPLIMENTARY FOOD.


I have two favourite starters, Tareko Farsi which is deep fried courgettes in a masala batter and Saffron Chamri which is a stuffed and roasted paneer dish. Delicious.

I have eaten my way through the Gurkhas Diner menu and can say there is nothing I wouldn’t  recommend. However, I will mention my top four. Usually if there are two of us visiting we would order one starter, one fish dish, one meat or chicken dish and a veg dish with rice and bread. Even then we find that we are taking home a little take away box.

We never leave this place without eating Gurkhas Diners most popular dish, Munillo Maccha. This is a creamy salmon and coconut dish. The curry sauce is creamy yet spicy at the same time with a blend of cashew nuts and coconut with a hint of saffron, the salmon chunks are generous and melt in the mouth. This is a MUST TRY dish.


The Farsi Lamb is a slow cooked dish with pumpkin. The combination of spicy and sweet really works for this dish. I would also recommend the Dhahi Banti which is an aubergine curry which is full packed full of flavour and the Rato Farshi which is a sweet pumpkin curry.

This is a family owned restaurant in which you know a lot of love goes into cooking the food as it’s always been cooked to perfection and the attention customers get from the owners who are there every night makes every visit special. Gurkhas Diner is a very homely and cosy dine. Since I tried the Gurkhas Diner it has put Nepalese food on my ‘Food I Love’ map.

Star Rating: ****

Gurkhas Diner
1 The Boulevard, Balham High Road, Balham, London SW17 7BW


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