IMG_7830 Tucked away behind King Cross Station, over looking the canal you will find this cool dine inside the old Filling Station. Shrimpy’s as the name suggests isn’t a fried food fiasco but a trendy place to eat with an eclectic menu ranging from hot wings for starters to soft crab and avocado burgers for mains. The decor is a golden pineapple heaven, I don’t think Elena and I have ever been so in ore as they had so many different gold pineapple nicknacks. Diners have the choice of sitting inside or outside on the terrace. Unfortunately, on our visit we didn’t get to see the outdoor BBQ in action but we will return in the warmer months to sample Shrimpy’s BBQ delights.

IMG_7832 IMG_7838IMG_7836IMG_7839Shrimp’s cocktail menu is your regular selection but with a twist which was positively received by us. Of course being us we had to try Shrimp’s hot wings and by god were they delicious. They were coated in BBQ sauce and finished with sesame seeds and coriander which added a nice fresh and herby flavour to it. I think we have found a new appreciation for coriander.

IMG_7837IMG_7840For mains Elena had a Humita with fried eggs, chili and chorizo. Humita is a traditional sweet corn cake for those of you that are googling it right now. The dish has a range of flavours from meaty, spicy to sweet.

IMG_7842 IMG_7841IMG_7843I had a soft shell crab burger with guacamole and pickles. Sounds horrid I know and looks scary when you are presented with a crab in between a burger but it has to be one of the best none meat burgers I have ever had. The soft shell crab is deep fried in a spicy batter and lays on a bed of fresh guacamole, the unusual ingredients work really well.

A lovely Sunday afternoon late lunch and cocktail. Price wise you will be spending £25-30 per head but the cocktails as you can imagine do most of the damage. Nevertheless, we shall be back to Shrimpy’s soon.

Star Rating: *****

King’s Cross Filling Station, Goods Way, London N1C 4UR


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