Part of the original fabric of Westfields White City, Mandaloun brings a little bit of the Middle East to the Southern Terrace.

Mandaloun is a very modern take on Lebanese cuisine. Elena and I will often have a quick snack in between shopping but it does feel like an endless supply of food. We love mezze dining in which you order half a dozen dishes and as you finish two another three show up so you end up losing track of what you have eaten and how much in fact.


Some of our fan favourites are the fattoush salad which is fresh and zesty, it is one of the dishes that Elena refuses to share with me and I don’t blame her as I want my own healthy portion too. It was the place we fell in love with sumac seasoning and now have our own stock at home.
The hummus shawarma is also another mezze to die for. Fresh hummus topped with pan fried meat. You can help but dip the endless supply of warm flat bread into the fresh chick pea dip and top it with a generous helping of meat. Yum.

Mandaloun has both mezzes and mains but we do like to have the opportunity to eat loads of different dishes. Each one packed with more flavour than the last. Mandaloun is a great place to go during a summer evening if you are a fan of shisha as it house an outdoor shisha lounge.

Now we have to admit the service is the only downer to this place and it often makes us wonder why we go back. We are suckers for good food so if you can handle inattentive staff and miscalculated bills then it isn’t too bad but please do check you bill as the staff have a habit of including items you would never have ordered. Mandaloun is more about the food and decor than the customer service which makes no sense as the mark up on the food is also a question mark as to where it is all going.

Star Rating: **


Southern Terrace

Westfield Shopping center

London W12 7GF


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