Honest Burgers

For the past year we have quietly watched Honest Burgers branches popping up wherever we go in London. As you are aware, Elena and I are on a lifetimes quest to find the best burger in the world so as we walked around kings cross one late Friday winters evening looking for a place to dine we couldn’t give up the opportunity to find out why this place was taking over London.

Honest Burgers in Kings Cross is very modest looking on the outside but as soon as you walk in you get the raw and rustic Shoreditch vibe from the decor to the staff, very similar to Byron in fact.

Now, I do like to focus straight on the food and decor but the manager who greeted us was the Christmas Grinch of 2014 so I won’t comment much further on the staff as I am hoping it’s just the service at this busy branch that stinks even though it was pretty empty for the Friday before Christmas.

Back to the food. The menu is no frills and simple offering about 10 different burgers and a choice of half a dozen sides.


I ordered a pattie with Stilton and Elena went for a vegetable fritter patty. The burgers cost between £8-£11 and are served with a generous portion of rosemary salt chips. I must say I really enjoyed my burger, it was tasty and even though I had asked for it to be well done it was still juicy. I do appreciate a good brioche bun and it was soft and melted in your mouth. Saying that for £10 it was on the small side so I am not sure exactly what I had paid for and it definitely wasn’t the service. Upon closer inspection the chips were a combination of triple fried which I love to double fried and single and some half cooked so it does suggest that the chips have sat there and been re-fried a number of times. I’m not sure how Honest Burger would explain or justify that.

Veggie burger
FRITTER – cauliflower, tomato, sweetcorn, shallots with coriander and cucumber yogurt

Elena’s fritter burger was lightly spiced with a number of root vegetables and as strange as it sounds was pretty good. It reminded me of Indian vegetable pakoras which gives me ideas of what I’m going to do with them the next time my mum makes them for me.

Honest Burger offers a good burger but it hasn’t made it on our list of the best places for a burger. So our search continues.

Star Rating: **

Honest Burger
251-255 Pentonville Road, London N1 9NG



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