Chak 89


Located in the most industrial estate, it’s hard to imagine that this jewel encrusted asian food heaven exists. Chak 89 is the gem of Mitchem eateries and I usually treat myself to a meal there at the end of every term for a bit of bollywood wow factor and well when you are there you can’t help feeling like a celebrity with the outstanding customer service which is offered. However, this is also helped with bling decor they have, a chandelier lovers dream.


Chak 89s menu covers the best of all the asian cuisines from South Indian to Bangladeshi all cooked to perfection. They also have a few little fusion surprises such as the olive and peri peri naan which has become a favourite for my friend Shivaani and I. We have now been there a total of 5 times to Chak 89 in the last year and have still yet to make our ways through their extensive menu. It’s also hard to get through the menu with their more than generous portions of each dish.


Saying that we always have to have the following. The chilli paneer at Chak 89 is to die for, slightly crispy on the outside with lots of that sweet/sour/spicy sauce on the outside. The size of the paneer chunks is also worth a mention as often I find other restaurants have tiny chucks of paneer and lots of other fillers in the dish but not here. The other staple dish we go for is the Chak Allepey King Prawns, now upon reading the description I did winch a little when I saw it had a mango and coconut cream sauce but the flavours together were amazing, a mixture of sweet, sour and tangy. The king prawns are always massive and juicy so it’s well worth the £10.95 price tag for the dish. The last dish I would like to mention is the Chak 89 Dal Mahkni, black creamy lentils in which you can taste the fact it has been cooked for days to get the all rounded blend of spices which are balanced.


We will obviously be coming back to this gem but next time you fancy indian/ asian cuisine, why no try Chak 89.

Star Rating: ****

Chak 89

105 Bond Road, Mitcham CR4 3HG


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