The Cocoa Box

Cupcake cake decoration at its best. Who could have thought there was a place you could sip on Cosmopolitans and be taught how to decorate cupcakes like a professional and well have lots of fun doing it. The Cocoa Box are making these dreams come true.

I bought tickets for one of their London workshops for Elena’s birthday and I was skeptical at how they would pull it off in a hotel but boy was I about to eat my words.

The Cocoa Box is you didn’t know already are a company that make amazing cakes and chocolates that make your eyes and mouth water. Stunning is the only way to describe them.


During our 2.5 hours course we were show how to make fondant bows and flowers, we learnt how to ice using icing paste and cream cheese frosting and we were even taught how to pipe. The best thing about it was that we were all able to do it without any difficulty, our teacher Nathan was so clear and helpful and made the learning experience fun. I had thought that it could be quiet stressful as I’m not your natural baker but once Elena stopped throwing fondant balls at me I got stuck in. It was all rather therapeutic.


The Cocoa Box have done wonders with this workshop I must say. I left feeling very proud of myself with a cake box full of cakes that I had decorated myself. I also left high on sugar sampling the icing and a little tipsy from the endless supply of cocktails.


The Cocoa Box workshops a are great for spending time with friends, the start of a hen party, birthday party or you could even go alone as many people did during our session.


The Cocoa Box workshop costs £35 per person. Totally worth the money. We will defiantly be going to their chocolate workshops in the near future.

Star Rating: *****


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