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Burger Bear

We first heard of Burger Bear’s fabulous burgers at the Burger Festival in the summer. We came so close to sampling his creations but much to our disappointment he couldn’t make it to the festival due to family emergency. Big love, bear!
Ever since we couldn’t get him out of our heads and were uber pleased when he announced that we could pick up our free burgers and chips at his permanent base in Old Street’s magic roundabout.
Now I have heard a lot about Magic Roundabout. It was popping up here and there in my weekly ‘what’s on’ London emails, yet I had no idea where it was exactly or what it was all about.
The clue was in the name all along. It’s located bang in the middle of Old Street roundabout. It’s an urban oasis of food, music and fun.
We came here on a Friday night, just after the sunset and watched the whole place light up with fairy lights, music was starting to pump harder and crowds were forming queues outside food stalls. With gravel under your feet and portable loos it has a strong festival vibe, but smart food stalls and bars bring you back to the city level.
It was not hard to locate Burger Bear – one with a massive queue. When our turn came, no questions were asked and we were given a menu to choose any burger we fancied…¬†And so we ordered one grizzly bear and one angry bear.
This burger didn’t just taste amazing because it was free. It’s incredible flavours came from crispy bacon fried to perfection, smoky tomato sauce, golden onions and finely chopped chilis. I couldn’t quite believe how perfect it was.
These burger babies are not for the faint hearted. We were devouring them in a dimly lit seating area, I had sauce running down my arms, face deeply burried in the burger. It was not a pretty sight, but thankfully my partner seen me at my worst so we had a good chuckle about this messy situation.
I have a feeling our search for the best burger in town might be over. But before I call it winner, I really need to bring my partner in crime, Rubeka to taste the perfection.


Burger Bear
Magic Roundabout
Old Street Roundabout, London EC1Y 1BE