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In Parma


For someone who loves all the finer things in life such as meat, wine and cheese -In Parma is the perfect restaurant. We came here in the summer for a bite to eat after getting lost in the streets of Bloomsbury. The waiters welcomed us as if we knew each other for years! We got a nice table outside and tucked into the menu.


This is definitely not your traditional Italian, there is no pizza or pasta in sight! Parma in Italy is famous for Parma ham and Parmesan cheese which makes a delicious menu: meat, wine and cheese….and a few sides…but who needs veg anyways!

We ordered a few cuts of ham, boiled potatoes and melted cheese bowl, perfect for dipping into with fresh bread. The small pot with black paste you see below is black olive pate- delicious!


Sparkling red wine called Lambrusco, to our amusement, was served in bowls!  This is apparently how the locals in Parma drink it. I found it a very easy red wine to have, mainly because it’s served chilled. Similar to house wine and traditionally a farmer’s table wine this had a very refreshing flavor. Perfect accompaniment to meat and cheese.

As we can never resist something sweet, we opted for chocolate salami. For those who don’t know that’s chocolate paste with pieces of digestive biscuits rolled into a salami sausage shape and served slightly chilled. YUM!!! They make this dessert as well as my mother,  this is taste of childhood for me…i love it!


I am looking forward to weather getting a little bit friendlier so I can go back to that table outside and have a feast!

In Parma
10 Charlotte Place, London W1T 1SH