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Burger & Shake


Me and Rubeka have a thing about burgers. Years before we started Fork & Talk food blog, we have been on a mission to find best burger joint. I am scared to call burger the perfect meal, but on paper it ticks all of the boxes:

Meat ✔️
Cheese ✔️
Bread ✔️
Pickle ✔️
Veg ✔️
Sauce ✔️
Crunch ✔️

We never shy away from ordering specials and most scrumptious portions, and for a dish that seems simple enough, you’d be surprised how hard it is to find THE PERFECT BURGER. This year burgers have become rather popular and now London has more burger joints than ever. So we shall continue to update you guys with our finds.


I first tried Burger and Shake more than a year ago, this week I have come back with a few friends. Having been very good with our January diets we have gone all out with our order.

Buffalo Wings – these are definitely some of the best Buffalo wings I have tried, not be to missed! The sauce is on the spicy side but so deliciously tangy you keep reaching for wing after wing. A bowl of eight wings was gone in a matter of minutes between three of us.


For mains we have ordered chill beef burger, buffalo chicken burger and a house burger served with chili fries. All of the were really great. Beef patties to my delight were cooked medium rare which added extra juice to the burgers. Chill beef could have been a little spicier but sitting on top of a patty added some lovely texture.



To finish the lovely meal off we ordered vanilla, strawberry and chocolate milkshakes which were pure and simple. That lovely classic taste of childhood you can’t beat! although if you do feel like being an adult you can always add a little bourbon to yours.


Overall we have had a great meal with equally great service. It’s a very small space so make sure to make a booking!

Burger & Shake
47 Marchmont Street, London WC1N 1AP