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Hong Kong Guide

Fork & Talk are back!

My gosh, how much fun we’ve had in Asia this past week!

I hope you guys enjoyed our live blogging from Hong Kong. There was so much to see and so much to eat! We have tried to sample a variety of what Hong Kong offers. We went down with the locals at grimy cafes and up into the skies above the city for a cocktail or two. One week in Hong Kong is definitely not enough and with our reviews we have barely scratched the surface of foodie finds.

Never the less, we have put together a little Fork & Talk Guide to Hong Kong. We hope you find it useful. Enjoy!



Urban Bakery
Must try: Egg custard croissant
Fun Fact: This hip and urban cafe is inspired by London’s Borough Market


Kam Fung
Must try: Traditional Chinese sweet bun
Take note: If there are not enough of you, you will be seated with others

Dim Sum Lunch


LockCha Tea House
Must try: Steamed mashed Lotus seed bun
Take note: This tea house is located in Hong Kong Park, to get there, you will be putting yourself in mosquito danger zone, so dress accordingly.


Tim Ho Wan
Must try: Pork buns
Take note: When you see a queue, do not wait your turn, go straight to the front and grab your ticket number. They will call you when your table is up

Best Asian Burger


Little Bao
Must try:
Pretty much everything, but if you have to choose go for truffle chips and pork belly bao.
Take note: This restaurant can get pretty busy on weekends, so arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Dinner with a view


Must try: Anything from the dessert menu
Take note: Strict dress code applies to your male companions

Japanese offerings


Tonkichi Tankatsu Seafood
Must try: Katsu king prawns
Take note: Everything on mixed katsu platters looks the same, so make sure you ask your waiter  to point out the chicken and the pork.


Must try: Tuna sashimi
Fun Fact: Restaurant introduced screening system where a microchip is placed under each dish to ensure the foods’ freshness and quality.

That Famous Roast Goose


Yung Kee
Must try: Apart from the goose, of course, try prawn fried rice
Take note: if you order roast goose ‘to go’ you will have to pay 50% deposit.

Dining with the Locals


Crowd Restaurant
Must try:
Hairy crab
Take note: Remember that green tea pot waiting for you on the table is for washing your plates and cutlery first, and drinking later.


Crystal Jade
Must try:
Sweet and sour fish

Coffee & Dessert


Lab Made Cafe
Must try: Unfortunately their ice cream flavors change every two weeks…
Fun Fact: It only takes 60 seconds for Lab Made cafe to create your scoop from fresh ingredients.


Must try: Rose tea
Take note: They do not sell coffee, only tea